Guatemala: Rights Action says Goldcorp's Human Rights Impact Assessment is "pre-determined"

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8 November 2008

[PDF] [International Alert letter to Grahame Russell, Rights Action]

Author: Phil Vernon, International Alert

We have seen your communication 'Pre-determined human rights impact assessment to proceed in Guatemala'...your description of our role is in error: International Alert is participating in the HRIA as a peer reviewer of the process and products, and not as an implementer of the HRIA...we follow the approach we set out in our publication, Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice: Guidance for Extractive Industries. This puts conflict and human rights at the centre of analysis...We believe that engaging critically with private companies enhances rather than detracts from our global advocacy, which primarily calls for the private sector to act in a manner that is sensitive to conflict and safeguards human rights...We have several examples of this work in Colombia, including with the coal company Cerrejón.

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30 October 2008

[DOC] Goldcorp Inc’s Pre-determined Human Rights Impact Assessment to proceed in Guatemala

Author: Grahame Russell, Rights Action [Canada]

In Guatemala...Goldcorp Inc. and a group of concerned investors are proceeding with a “human rights impact assessment” (HRIA), despite receiving detailed criticisms about the form and content of the HRIA...[This is a] pre-determined human rights assessment...A group of international consultants, from On Common Ground...and International Alert...have accepted a contract to carry out the HRIA...We believe their work will serve to legitimize Goldcorp’s “Marlin” mine, while doing little or nothing to help transform a mining political climate...characterized by...human rights violations for people critical of mining. [Problems include]...there was no consultation with the communities...Goldcorp and the investor group will not suspend mining while the HRIA was being carried out...we refer you to our previous ‘Open Letters.’

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