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Guatemalan court acquits security guard accused of murdering protester at Hudbay Minerals mine

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Author: Nelton Rivera, km 169 Prensa Comunitaria (Guatemala)

“Jueza Ana Leticia Peña liberó a militar acusado del asesinato del Profesor Adolfo Ich Chamán”, 6 de Abril de 2017

….Tribunal de Sentencia Penal Narcoactividad y Delito Contra el Ambiente del departamento de Izabal, presidido por la jueza Ana Leticia Peña Ayala liberó de los cargos esta mañana al Teniente Coronel Maynor Ronaldo Padilla González jefe de seguridad de la empresa Compañía Guatemalteca de Níquel S.A. –CGN- acusado del asesinato del profesor Adolfo Ich Chamán el 27 de septiembre de 2009…Maynor Padilla Gonzales fue sindicado por el Ministerio Público -MP- por los delitos de: lesiones graves en contra de Haroldo Cucul Cucul y German Chub Choc; lesiones leves en contra de Ricardo Acte Coc, Alfredo Tzi Ich, Luciano Choc, Oscar Anibal Cac Caal y Samuel Coc Chub y por el asesinato de Adolfo Ich Chamán…También son querellantes Angélica Choc, esposa de Adolfo Ich, la Comisión Internacional Contra la Impunidad CICIG dentro de este proceso penal 796-2009. Para Angélica Choc, German Chub y las mujeres de la comunidad Lote 8 ha sido sumamente peligroso impulsar este proceso penal y luchar porque se haga justicia…

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7 April 2017

Alleged Killer in Canadian Mining Company Lawsuit Acquitted in Guatemala

Author: Marketwired

A Guatemalan court today acquitted Mynor Padilla of murdering Guatemalan community leader and indigenous activist Adolfo Ich in 2009, when Padilla was the head of security for a large mine in Guatemala then owned by Canadian company Hudbay Minerals.  Padilla was also acquitted of the point blank shooting of another community member German Chub...Ich's wife and others are pursuing a lawsuit against Hudbay Minerals in Canada regarding these incidents..."The Guatemalan legal system is corrupt and seeking justice there is, sadly, hopeless...That's precisely why Angelica's and German's best hope for justice against Hudbay has always been in Canadian courts."  In addition to the acquittal, the Guatemalan judge went much farther into unexpected territory by asking for the extreme step that criminal charges be brought against most of those involved in the prosecution of Mynor Padilla...The "not guilty" verdict comes despite damning eyewitness testimony of the murder, and ballistic and forensic evidence...The acquittal of Mynor Padilla has raised fears that the victims and their families may be subject to acts of retaliation and violence for their role in pursuing justice...A Canadian court issued a landmark decision in 2013 allowing the case to proceed against Hudbay in Ontario...

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6 April 2017

Guatemala: Video testimony from Angelina Choc, widow of assassinated land rights defender who opposed Guatemalan Nickel Co. mine

Author: James Rodríguez, MiMundo.org

“Short Documentary: Choc vs. HudBay”, 6 Apr 17

…Former Guatemalan Army colonel and head of security at the Guatemalan Nickel Company (CGN) [part of Hudbay Minerals] Mynor Padilla is absolved of the murder of Q'eqchi' Mayan anti-mining leader and land rights activist Adolfo Ich Chaman and serious injuries to German Chub Choc (among others). Filmed during the commemorations for the 7th anniversary of Adolfo Ich's murder in September 2016 and featuring Angelica Choc, widow of Ich Chaman…

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