Guilt-free diamonds: Beyond blood to human rights

Author: Matt Kennard, Comment Factory , Published on: 25 January 2009

Since last year activists outside [Lev Leviev's] New York City store, and most recently at his London branch, have picketed against the owner, Lev Leviev...His mining practices in Angola...have involved, they assert, the use of agencies that violate human rights. This is a new kind of protest in the $13 billion diamond industry...Like the fair-trade coffee and green movements, the focus has now shifted to trading in an “ethical” commodity-–diamonds acquired through humane practices. The central belief is that originating from a war zone is not the only stain a diamond can have. Leaders in the movement point toward human rights abuses, low wages, slave labor and a host of other egregious practices that still take place in non-conflict mining countries. [refers to De Beers, Brilliant Earth, Igloo Diamonds]

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