Health ministry embarks on campaign against tobacco farming [Uganda]

Author: Pascal Kwesiga, New Vision (Uganda), Published on: 18 July 2013

The Ministry of health has engaged the civil society and local leaders to drive the campaign against tobacco farming. A principal medical officer in charge of mental health, control of substance abuse and management of neurological disorders, Dr. Sheila Ndyanabangi said...“We have embarked on a new campaign to advice farmers to stop planting tobacco. We have already been to West Nile where the crop is grown, we are showing the farmer alternative crops,”...She observed that although the trade agreements Uganda signed with the World Trade Organization don’t allow the country to ban tobacco growing, it’s allowed to persuade the farmers to stop growing the crop. Ndanabangi said that tobacco growing is responsible for the high levels of deforestation and food shortage in families of farmers engaged in growing the crop. “There are some families that have concentrated in growing tobacco and they are always hit by famine. We are telling them that they can be well off if they grow other crops instead of tobacco,” she added.

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