Herakles Farms response regarding alleged illegal conduct, environmental impact and local opposition surrounding its palm oil plantation in Cameroon

Author: Herakles Farms [USA], Published on: 18 December 2012

Herakles Farms [part of Herakles Capital], the parent company of SGSOC, has the legal right to the Concession land...Herakles Farms has never received a fine, penalty or order to stop work...in April 2012, the Mundemba High Court reaffirmed its February 2012 ruling that SGSOC had complied with all the regulations in question, which were required for legal operation in Cameroon. The litigation by a local NGO to stop the project was therefore dismissed by the Courts, and no legislation is pending...From the very beginning of the project, we have had a policy of no resettlement. We will not force anyone from her or his land...Herakles Farms has the right to detain, but not arrest people...Herakles Farms consulted with community leaders and obtained support...[from] village chiefs and representatives...Herakles Farms re-affirms our commitment to bringing long-term benefits to Cameroon and are continuing to work at creating shared value for us and our stakeholders.

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This is a response from the following companies: Herakles Farms (part of Herakles Capital)