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23 October 2019

KnowTheChain: Ranking companies' efforts to address forced labour in their supply chains

  KnowTheChain is a resource for businesses and investors who need to understand and address forced labor risks within their supply chains. In 2020/2021 KnowTheChain will be becnhmarking 180 companies in three sectors. In 2019 will be publishing inves...

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5 October 2019

Indonesia: Palm oil & paper companies under renewed scrutiny for breaking anti-logging commitment following forest fire

Author: Catherine Lai, Asia Times

"Burning issue: Indonesia fires put palm oil under scrutiny", 30 September 2019...

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16 September 2019

Gun companies are not exempt from responsibility to respect human rights, investors say

Author: Investor Alliance for Human Rights

Members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) and the Investor Alliance for Human Rights announced that they are calling on fellow shareholders in gun maker American Outdoor Brands (AOBC) to support a proposal requesting the...

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9 August 2019

Ivory Coast rejects US proposal to block its cocoa from US ports to fight child labor

Author: Peter Whoriskey, The Washington Post

"U.S. weighs plan to block cocoa imports produced with child labor. Ivory Coast calls ban unfair.", 7 August 2019...

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15 July 2019

Côte d'Ivoire & Ghana set a fixed living income differential of $400 per tonne of cocoa to relieve farmer poverty

Author: Africa News

...Ivory Coast and Ghana have stepped up their efforts to reform the industry, imposing a fixed “living income differential” of $400 a tonne on all cocoa contracts sold by either country for the 2020/21 season...The premium...replaces an earlier...

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10 June 2019

Ivory Coast: 20 years after child labour pledge, chocolate companies still cannot guarantee products made without child labour

Author: Peter Whoriskey & Rachel Siegel, The Washington Post

"Cocoa's child laborers", 5 June 2019...

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4 June 2019

Monster Beverage takes action on slavery in supply chain

Author: Jacob Wolinsky, Value Walk

"Monster Beverage from laggard to leader on slavery in supply chain", 4 June 2019...

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6 March 2019
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Author: Semana Sostenible

“Cacao, una alternativa contra la deforestación” – 05 de marzo de 2019...

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1 February 2019

US judge dismisses 2 class action lawsuits against Nestlé & Hershey for failure to disclose child labour practices on their chocolate products’ labels

Author: Tina Bellon, Reuters

"Nestle, Hershey escape class action lawsuit over cocoa sources using child labor", 31 Jan 2019...

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29 November 2018

USA: Govt. actions to advance business & human rights in 2018 included focus on labour rights & supply chain monitoring

Author: U.S. Department of State

"U.S. government efforts to advance business and human rights in 2018," ...

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