Hitachi Group's Human Rights Policy

... The Responsibility to Respect Human Rights 

Hitachi strives to meet its responsibility to respect human rights by not infringing on human rights and addressing negative human rights impacts with which the company may be involved through its operations and business relationships. Hitachi understands human rights to be, at a minimum, those outlined in the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. The responsibility to respect applies to all officers and employees of Hitachi, Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries. Hitachi expects its business partners and other parties whose own impacts may be directly linked to Hitachi’s operations, products or services to respect and not infringe upon human rights, and will respond appropriately where they are not respecting human rights.

Relationship to Hitachi’s Values and Policies

Hitachi is aware that as a business enterprise it is a member of society and can contribute to creating an environment in which human rights are respected. Meeting the responsibility to respect human rights is key to operating as a responsible business, and is accepted to be a baseline expectation for all companies. It is an expression of Hitachi Group’s Mission and Vision. This policy supplements the Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct and CSR policy.

Implementing the Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

Hitachi is committed to meeting the responsibility to respect human rights through implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Hitachi will develop and implement on going human rights due diligence. Due diligence processes will include identifying and assessing potential and actual human rights impacts,
and taking appropriate action to prevent or mitigate risks. The processes will also entail tracking to ensure the effectiveness of Hitachi’s actions to address impacts and risks. To account for how Hitachi responds to potential and actual human rights impacts, the group will also develop and implement processes to communicate its findings externally. Where Hitachi identifies that it has caused or contributed to a negative human rights impact, the company will provide for or cooperate in legitimate processes to provide remediation. ...


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3 November 2014

Hitachi Group's Human Rights Policy

Author: Hitachi

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Author: 日立グループ




日立は、私たちが社会の一構成員であり、人権が尊重される環境づくりに貢献できると信じています。人権尊重の責任を果たすことは、企業として活動上不可欠であり、すべての企業に当然期待されるべきことと理解しています。この人権方針は、日立の企業理念および日立グループ・ビジョンに基づいて、この責任をここに表現するものであり、日立グループ行動規範および CSR 活動取り組み方針を補完するものであります。




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