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7 October 2013

UPDATE: Hobby Lobby apologizes, agrees to carry Jewish holiday items [USA]

Author: Lauren Markoe, State (USA)

The owner of the Hobby Lobby craft store chain, under fire because his stores did not carry Hanukkah merchandise and because of a reported employee’s remark that offended many Jews, has apologized and announced that some stores will begin to carry...

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26 November 2013

Supreme Court Takes on Corporate Religious Rights With Contraception Cases

Author: Jessica Mason Pieklo, RH Reality Check (USA)

[O]ver 70 lawsuits challeng[e] the contraception benefit in the Affordable Care…[T]he…[Supreme] Court…[will grant] review in two for-profit challenges to the birth control benefit, the Hobby Lobby case and the Conestoga Wood Specialties case…[that]...

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1 July 2014
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Author: Corine Lesnes, Le Monde (France)

« Aux Etats-Unis, un patron pas tenu de payer pour la pilule du lendemain », 1er juillet 2014...

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2 July 2014

US Supreme Court rules family-run company can use religious exemption to refuse contraception coverage for employees' health insurance

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2 June 2015

Scarf ruling means more job-bias training for U.S. bosses

Author: Thomas Black & Carol Hymowitz, Bloomberg Business (USA)

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling that Abercrombie & Fitch Co. can be sued for denying employment to a woman wearing a head scarf will compel companies large and small to brush up on the nuances of bias and do more to accommodate employees’ religious...

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23 February 2016

Commentary: USA: Endowing businesses with constitutional rights gives them greater protection than natural persons

Author: Katharine Suominen, St. John's University School of Law

“Hobby Lobby v. Burwell: The Dangers of Protecting First Amendment Rights of Corporations and the Rapid Expansion of "Corporate Personhood"”, 17 Feb 2016...

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23 January 2018

New CEO activism: business leaders are defending rights by raising awareness & leveraging economic power

Author: Aaron K. Chatterji & Michael W. Toffel, Harvard Business Review (USA)

"The New CEO Activists", January 2018...

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