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2 June 2013

Choking smog highlights ethical investment

Author: Mike Scott, Financial Times

Whether it is choking smog in New Delhi and Beijing, worker suicides at Foxconn [part of Hon Hai] or management failures at Tepco, which ran Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, there is plenty of evidence that environmental, social and governance issues...

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30 May 2013

[Statement] Foxconn should keep its promise; we need no fake trade unions [China]

Author: Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM)

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Foxconn to respond. Foxconn's response included] On 4 February 2013, Financial Times reported Foxconn (part of Hon Hai) would start trade union democratization in its Chinese factories with the...

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20 May 2013

Foxconn reports three possible suicides at factories in China

Author: Michael Kan, IDG News Service

Three workers at Foxconn [part of Hon Hai] factories in China have fallen to their deaths in recent weeks and police are investigating, according to the company…But Foxconn said the two deaths in Zhengzhou were unrelated to work matters…China Labor...

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9 May 2013

Promise from Foxconn on democratic union is broken [China]

Author: SACOM

A recent report…reveals that…Foxconn [part of Hon Hai]…has never realized its commitment to promote democratic industrial relation and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. In addition, according to the latest news report from a Chinese...

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8 May 2013

AFL-CIO report on failures of social audits & certification at protecting workers rights - 2013

Author: compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

On 23 April 2013 the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO) released a report called "Responsibility Outsourced". AFL-CIO says that this report "digs underneath the façade of social auditing and certification...

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7 May 2013

The Bangladesh factory collapse: why CSR is more important than ever

Author: Christine Bader for Guardian Sustainable Business Blog

As the death toll from the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh tops is time to ask whether corporate social responsibility (CSR) has achieved anything at all...CSR is about a company owning its impacts on individuals and communities.....

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20 February 2013

Beyond Foxconn: Deplorable Working Conditions Characterize Apple’s Entire Supply Chain [China]

Author: China Labor Watch

In November 2012, China Labor Watch submitted materials to the UN Working Group on business and human rights, which included the report “Beyond Foxconn: Deplorable Working Conditions Characterize Apple’s Entire Supply Chain”. The report contains...

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7 February 2013

H.P. Directs Its Suppliers in China to Limit Student Labor

Author: Keith Bradsher & David Barboza, New York Times imposing new limits on the employment of students and temporary agency workers...Many factories in China have long relied on...students...Students complain of being ordered by school administrators to put in very long

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4 February 2013

Foxconn plans Chinese union vote [China]

Author: Kathrin Hille & Rahul Jacob, Financial Times

Foxconn [part of Hon Hai]…is preparing genuinely representative labour union elections…in China…the first such exercise at a large company in China, where labour unions have traditionally been controlled by management and local government…The…company...

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28 January 2013

Online discussion on how companies can address potential human rights violations (31 Jan)

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