Honduras: Concerns rapid increase in private security companies could lead to security problems

Author: teleSUR (Venezuela), Published on: 16 January 2015

"3 Times As Many Honduran Private Security Agents as Police", 7 January 2015

In Honduras, the number of private security agents is close to one hundred thousand. Compare this to the fourteen thousand national police, and twelve thousand military. This means that there are more than three times as many private security agents in the nation. Currently in the country there are 700 private security companies registered and according to the Violence Observatory of the National University 400 companies are unregistered...[T]hese companies are obliged to be constantly under the watch of the National Police forces, but very few inspections are done...[T]here is no regulation in the type of weapon used and can range from machetes to highly powerful weapons similar to the ones used by the military...Private security companies...are rapidly increasing without any control or supervision from the government, which...could mean another security problem for the nation.

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