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17 October 2016

US companies focus on alternative cooling systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Author: Malathi Nayak, Reuters

"U.S. companies brace for climate-friendly alternatives in cooling systems", 16 October 2016...

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9 December 2016

USA: Corporate Equality Index scores record number of companies full marks for having inclusive policies for LGBT workers

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13 April 2017

Billions of dollars for public services lost due to tax dodging by US companies, says Oxfam

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20 August 2019

Nearly 200 CEOs say their companies are committed to delivering value to all stakeholders, not just shareholders

On August 19, 2019, the Business Roundtable (BRT), a lobbying group composed of leading CEOs in the US, released an updated Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. This statement expresses a fundamental commitment to all stakeholders, including...

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