Hong Kong Should Use Its Financial Might to Fight Human Trafficking

Author: Tze-wei Ng, Global Policy, Published on: 7 December 2018

Human trafficking…generates an estimated $150 billion in profit [every year]…and two thirds of…modern-day slaves live in the Asia Pacific region.

Hong Kong is itself both a destination and transit hub for human trafficking, and definitely needs to step up measures against human trafficking within its borders… 

As [the financial sector intersects with human trafficking in many ways], Hong Kong has the additional duty – and also an opportunity – to become a regional leader by leveraging its strong finance infrastructures to fight this crime that knows no borders...

Whether it is improving the availability and quality of data, providing tools for data analysis, promoting active ownership, launching new financial products, or testing more effective regulations or models of public-private collaboration: with its world-class financial and legal systems and professionals, Hong Kong is uniquely positioned to become a regional leader in the fight against human trafficking.

Hong Kong can choose to show that when government and private sector put their hearts and minds together, there is hope for ending modern slavery.

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