How rebels profit from blood and soil [Dem. Rep. Of Congo]

Author: Stephanie Nolen, Globe & Mail [Canada], Published on: 29 October 2008

Unregulated trade in Congolese mineral wealth keeps warlords in business fighting a civil war... [N]ear Luntukulu, the militia members dig in particular for coltan…[which] goes into making cellphones, laptop computers... Organizations such as Global Witness have repeatedly called on mineral buyers, both local and international, to stop dealing with Congolese rebel forces. But Mark Patzelt…who runs Skapa Mining & Trading, a tin ore export company…, insisted he has no way of knowing which of the minerals that traders bring to him have been extracted by legal miners... [Provincial mining minister Juvenal Nyamugusha] believes the solution…is investment by companies such as Canada's Banro Corp... The international companies will employ people (including the demobilized former rebel soldiers...) and they will provide security around their operations, and enlist the help of local communities, Mr. Nyamugusha said...

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