How to Invest in Myanmar - Doing Well by Doing Right

Author: Stanley A. Weiss & Tim Heinemann, Foreign Affairs, Published on: 20 January 2014

…Western business has its own role to play. In a few cases, firms with significant interests at stake may intervene directly and productively in peace talks…More likely, Western investors can play a critical role in policing bad business behavior and ushering the ethnic minorities into the twenty-first-century economy. Morally responsible private-sector players can expose unscrupulous actors who exploit ethnic minorities, while taking pains themselves to operate in a transparent, accountable, and mutually beneficial manner…“We know that one of the biggest incentives to find peace with ethnics is to get more foreign investment in,”...the Karen National Union’s foreign minister, has said. But, he continues, “We have to make sure that proper consultation is done with the civilians and everything is done in a sustainable manner which benefits the ethnic civilians, not just the government and foreign investors.”…[refers to Chevron, Coca-Cola, Dawei Princess, General Electric, Mitsubishi]

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