HP names top-tier suppliers - some flout its code, but campaigners praise disclosure

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7 April 2008

Large numbers of HP suppliers flout CSR guidelines

Author: Danny Bradbury, BusinessGreen

...HP has attempted to build more transparency into its supply chain by releasing the names of its top tier suppliers for the first time. The company, which made the move last week as part of its 2007 Global Citizenship Report, hopes that the disclosure will encourage greater accountability and transparency across its supply chain... However,...the report...raised worrying issues regarding the CSR performance of many...in its supply chain. According to the report's supply chain audit, up to half of the sites in HP's supply chain employing 400,000 people or more failed to conform to the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct's guidelines on working hours, while up to a quarter failed to comply with wages and benefits guidelines, and a similar number didn't meet health and safety guidelines. Despite these issues, Sarah Westervelt, eWaste product co-ordinator for the Basel Action Network, a pressure group dedicated to monitoring contraventions of the Basel Treaty on hazardous waste, was encouraged by the results. "Kudos to HP for leading the way by naming their suppliers," she said. [also refers to Dell]

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Author: Alexis Beauchamp, Vision Durable

Hewlett-Packard...veut relever la barre en matière de transparence. L’entreprise...vient donc de publier la liste de ses 97 plus importants fournisseurs à travers le monde. Ces fournisseurs représentent 95 % des achats de HP auprès de l’ensemble de son réseau de ses partenaires... HP veut ainsi accentuer la pression sur ses fournisseurs afin que ceux-ci respectent le Code de conduite de l’industrie électronique, qui couvre notamment la pollution, l’utilisation des ressources naturelles et les substances dangereuses, entre autres.

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