Human rights defenders who challenge corporations at growing risk: Article analyses Resource Centre's database of attacks

Author: Annie Kelly, The Guardian (UK), Published on: 13 March 2018

'Attacks and Killings': human rights activists at growing risk, study claims, 9 Mar 2018

Human Rights Defenders who challenge...corporations are being killed, assaulted, harassed and suppressed in growing numbers...34% global rise in attacks against human rights activists working on corporate accountability last year...the number of incidents were found to have risen sharply, with 388 attacks recorded in 2017 compared with 290 the previous year. Land rights defenders and activists linked to the mining, agribusiness and renewable energy sectors were found to be in greatest danger. In 42% of harassment cases, judicial intimidation was used to suppress protests...companies involved in mining, agriculture, energy and construction - particularly those headquartered in the UK, US, China, Canada and France- were the most likely to use legal prevent human rights protests...."Judicial harassment deters communities, workers and activists from speaking out against corporate abuse. Legal harassment often forms part of a broader campaign which can include physical attacks and killings," said Ana Zbona.Although attacks occurred...across the world, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala and the Philippines...were identified as the countries where attacks were most probable. Last week, the International Council on Mining and Metals acknowledged that attacks on...defenders were on the increase and called on relevant government authorities to take action.

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