Human Rights First says US interrogators take cues on torture from TV shows, including Fox's "24" & Disney/ABC's "Lost"

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21 February 2007

Primetime Torture

Author: Human Rights First

The Problem: Torture on TV on the Rise...
The Impact: Soldiers Imitate What They See on TV...
Human Rights First has launched a project that seeks to limit the impact TV has on the way interrogations are conducted in the field and also the way Americans view torture. [refers to TV shows on Fox (part of News Corporation), ABC (part of Walt Disney), NBC (joint venture General Electric & Vivendi Universal); produced by Imagine Entertainment, Wolf Films, ABC/Walt Disney]

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15 February 2007

US rights group says torture seen on television influences interrogators in Iraq

Author: Associated Press

The advocacy group Human Rights First says there has been a startling increase in the number of torture scenes depicted on prime-time television in the post-2001 world. Even more chilling, there are indications that real-life American interrogators in Iraq are taking cues from what they see on television, said Jill Savitt, the group's director of public programs... Howard Gordon, an executive producer of "24," [on Fox (part of News Corporation), produced by Imagine Entertainment, said]..."We're not a documentary or a manual on interrogation... We're a television show." [also refers to other television shows on Fox/FX, ABC (part of Walt Disney), HBO (part of Time Warner), NBC (joint venture General Electric & Vivendi Universal), Spike TV/UPN (both part of Viacom); produced by ABC/Walt Disney, Fox, Sony, Wolf Films, HBO]

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