Human rights impact assessment: Aimec Minerals' Nuiguyo Projec

Author: NomoGaia, Published on: 26 January 2017

“Human rights impact assessment – Aimec Minerals”, January 2009

Aimec Minerals’ Nuiguyo Project is an open pit gold and silver mine located in…one of Indonesia’s forested islands. Rubber and palm plantations flourish, but rice harvests are generally poor. Approximately 12,500 people live in the…villages…immediately impacted by the Nuiguyo Project, and the mine may impact some of their agricultural work…[H]uman rights concerns exist for communities living alongside haul roads and downstream of the Project as well. The Nuiguyo Project is fortunately free from the risk of violence or military intervention, and resettlement will be negligible…Although the Project presents opportunities for many positive impacts on human rights — particularly the right to health, right to education, and labor rights — a unique set of issues presents itself at Nuiguyo that will likely result in…controversies…and taken to the international press or to the streets in local demonstrations…Respect for the Right to Clean Water and Environment has not been sufficiently demonstrated by the Project…

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