Human Rights Watch's new world report explores role of businesses in abuses

Author: Human Rights Watch (USA), Published on: 18 January 2019

World Report 2019, 17 Jan 2019

"World Report 2019 is Human Rights Watch’s 29th annual review of human rights practices around the globe. It summarizes key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide, drawing on events from late 2017 through November 2018... The mounting resistance to not always successful in the short term, and this remains in some ways a dark time for human rights... But recent events also show... that important battles are being won, re-energizing the global defense of human rights... The [In Israel and Palestine,] Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights continued its work to establish a database of businesses that have enabled or profited from settlements, which is due to publish before the March 2019 UN Human Rights Council session... In June, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee declared its commitment to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), becoming the first Olympic host to do so. Under the UNGPs, the organizing committee will need to investigate, know and prevent human rights risks, provide remedy, and be transparent about the entire process... More than 5 million hectares of land has been awarded to PNG-based subsidiaries of foreign companies on Special Agricultural Business Leases, resulting in loss of ancestral land and forest for rural Papua New Guineans..."... In April, following a mission to Canada, the UN working group on business and human rights noted the absence of a coherent national policy framework “to protect against business-related human rights abuses and promote effective business respect for human rights….”

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