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Human Trafficking and Abusive Conditions at the Mediterranean Garments Factory in the Ad Dulayl Industrial Zone in Jordan

Author: National Labor Committee [USA], Published on: 6 September 2008

There are approximately 1,400 guest workers at the Mediterranean factory—from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India…The workers sew clothing for Wal-Mart…and Hanes…60 percent…have been stripped of their passports…When workers dare to challenge the abuses or ask for their legal wages, they are beaten or threatened with prison and forcible deportation…The women are virtual prisoners, confined to the factory, dorms and industrial park...the guest workers are routinely forced to toil 39 hours of overtime—they are not paid at all!...Management illegally deducts 30 Jordanian Dinar, or $42.37, per month from the workers wages to cover food costs…[a] strike was precipitated when management pressured and demanded that the workers take an even larger, and illegal, pay cut for food costs...

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