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23 April 2013

Response by Hydro Tasmania: Indigenous groups protest planned dam in Sarawak, alleging they will be displaced, given poor housing & infertile farmland.

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27 February 2013

Megadam Project Galvanizes Native Opposition in Malaysia

Author: Gan Pei Ling, National Geographic

...Natives from the tribes of Penan, Kenyah, and Kayan have taken to their traditional longboats…to voice opposition to the plan. Baram is one of seven big hydropower projects that Malaysia's largest state, Sarawak, is building in a bid to lure...

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28 September 2012

Natives block construction works on mega-dam in Malaysian rainforest

Author: Bruno Manser Fonds

200 Penan and Kenyah women, men and children put up a blockade on the access road to the...Murum dam in...Sarawak...They will only let the supply trucks pass their blockade, if the Norwegian CEO of Sarawak Energy...and Sarawak’s authorities are...

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