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HydroFiji's response

Author: Dr. Philip van der Riet, HydroFiji, Published on: 1 September 2019

28 August 2019

...The matter...allude[d] to was addressed substantially in The Fiji Times dated Saturday 16 March 2019, in an article under the heading ‘Claims were false’, and I quote.

TLTB chief executive officer Tevita Kuruvakadua said claims made by the landowners that they were not being consulted on the issuance of these leases were false.

“I can confirm that a series of public consultations were made by our officers since 2015. If we have to count there are about 41 consultation meetings done to 18 villages and respective land owning units in Namosi who will be directly or indirectly affected by the three major leases or projects”, he said.

He went on to say and further outline the benefits of the project to the Nation of Fiji.

“It is estimated that the projects will save 30 million litres of fossil fuel and reduce emission by some 84,000 metric tonnes of carbon-dioxide per annum should the projects become fully operational.”

We consider no further comment is required as the statements by TLTB executive Mr Tevita Kuruvakadua are accurate and confirmed by HydroFiji.

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