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Member of UN Global Compact

Headquarters in South Korea

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Hyundai Group chaebol divested Hyundai Motor in 2001.

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11 September 2018

HRW launches campaign urging major car companies to stand by Saudi activists jailed for advocating women's right to drive

Author: Human Rights Watch

"Tell Car Companies To Do The Right Thing", 11 September 2018...

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11 August 2017

NGO Commentary: Korean govt's response to UNWG visit fails to acknowledge poor labour conditions and negative health impacts of companies

Author: Correspondence NGO group of the UN Working Group’s visit to Korea, Korean House for International Solidarity (Republic of Korea)

"Comment: The government’s response to UN Working Group’s Korea visit report does not reflect the Korean reality", 11 June 2017...

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7 June 2017

So.Korea: Gov't responds to UN Working Group report

Author: Government of the Republic of Korea

"Report of the Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises on its visit to the Republic of Korea: comments by the State", 7 June 2017...

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27 March 2017

USA: "Inside Alabama’s auto jobs boom: Cheap wages, little training, crushed limbs" - Bloomberg

Author: Peter Waldman, BloombergBusinessweek (USA)

[Article originally published 23 March 2017, with 13-minute audio report (scroll down to end of full article).]...

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4 July 2016

Serbia: YURA Corp.'s factory workers complain about alleged abuses including beatings, sexual harassment, non-payment of wages & denial of freedom of association

During our mission to Serbia in June 2016, we learnt about alleged abuses against YURA Corporation's factory workers including beatings, sexual harassment, non-payment of wages & denial of freedom of association....

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14 December 2015

Auto Industry CEOs Unite In Rare Vow To Tackle Climate Change

Author: Joann Muller, Forbes (USA)

…13 auto industry chief executives from the U.S., Europe and Asia had pledged to accelerate the development of cleaner vehicles to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. As a group, the companies said they would…[1] Contribute to the goal of a...

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27 August 2015

USA: Consumers sue 10 carmakers over risks of carbon monoxide poisoning in keyless ignition cars

Author: Reuters

"World's biggest car makers sued over 'deadly' keyless ignitions", 27 Aug 2015...

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Company response
8 July 2014

Hyundai Motor America response to concerns with its disclosure statement under California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Author: Hyundai Motor America

...Hyundai Motor America’s contracts with all supplier firms requires those firms to comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations, which would include forbidding forced labor and human trafficking...

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1 April 2014

[PDF] Unfair Play! Labour Relations at Hyundai [So. Korea]

Author: IndustriAll Global Union

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Hyundai Motor Group to respond. The company did not respond] Hyundai remains a relic from the times of dictatorship that...controlled South Korea up to 1987...The management structure is autocratic...

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13 August 2013

Hyundai Motor offers to resume wage talks amid strike vote (So. Korea)

Author: Reuters

Hyundai Motor...offered to restart wage talks with its South Korean labour workers continued to cast ballots on whether to stage a strike. Union negotiators plan to decide...whether to accept the company's offer after the results of the...

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