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Hyundai Group chaebol divested Hyundai Motor in 2001.

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8 July 2014

Hyundai Motor America response to concerns with its disclosure statement under California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Author: Hyundai Motor America

...Hyundai Motor America’s contracts with all supplier firms requires those firms to comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations, which would include forbidding forced labor and human trafficking...

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1 April 2014

[PDF] Unfair Play! Labour Relations at Hyundai [So. Korea]

Author: IndustriAll Global Union

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Hyundai Motor Group to respond. The company did not respond] Hyundai remains a relic from the times of dictatorship that...controlled South Korea up to 1987...The management structure is autocratic...

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13 August 2013

Hyundai Motor offers to resume wage talks amid strike vote (So. Korea)

Author: Reuters

Hyundai Motor...offered to restart wage talks with its South Korean labour workers continued to cast ballots on whether to stage a strike. Union negotiators plan to decide...whether to accept the company's offer after the results of the...

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23 July 2013

Hyundai Files Police Complaint Against Clash Activists (So. Korea)

Author: Rose Kim, Bloomberg (USA)

Hyundai Motor...filed a police complaint against 13 activists it says led a violent clash at its biggest assembly plant that left 82 employees injured. The three-hour dispute...between activists from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions...and...

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23 July 2013

So. Korea: Hyundai Motor files police complaint against 13 trade unionists after violent clash leaves 82 employees injured

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9 January 2012

Hyundai union threatens stoppages after worker self-immolation [So. Korea]

Author: Hyunjoo Jin, Reuters

The labor union of Hyundai Motor [part of Hyundai Kia Motor] has threatened to suspend all engine output in the company's biggest production base…saying an employee set himself on fire to protest the company's alleged "suppression" of unionized workers...

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19 December 2011

UAW Pickets US Hyundai Dealers over Sexual Harassment in Korea [So. Korea]

Author: International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM)

The US-based United Autoworkers’ Union (UAW)…turned out to picket…Hyundai auto dealerships in the US…[after] contract worker at a Hyundai Motor Group factory in South Chungcheong province, who was sacked after she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit with...

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27 November 2011

Sexual harassment recognized as work-related injury for first time [So. Korea]

Author: Korea Herald

A state agency on workers' welfare has decided to compensate a female worker who suffered from repeated sexual harassment at her workplace, the agency said...acknowledging her sufferings as workplace injuries. This is the first time the Korea Workers'...

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25 October 2011

South Korea: Dismissal of a female worker after complaining about sexual harassment at the workplace

Author: Network for Global Activism in Korea, Asian Human Rights Commission

This is a solidarity letter to support a woman worker who has been sexually harassed by her managers, and unfairly dismissed at a subcontractor of Hyundai Motor [part of Hyundai Kia Motors]. She has been holding a sit-in struggle in front of the...

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23 April 2011

Union members targeted by companies for claims [So. Korea]

Author: Kim So-yon, Hankyoreh [So. Korea]

Workers are being progressively squeezed by compensation claims and provisional attachments from employers [for holding strikes]. The situation is reversing the gains made with an agreement reached eight years ago in which labor and management said...

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