Ikea & Moviley Dror allegedly refuse to deliver goods to Palestinians in West Bank while still serving Israeli settlers.

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Company response
16 December 2012

Moviley Dror response

Author: Moviley Dror

[S]ince 2010 we have been successfully arranging home delivery of IKEA products to people living in areas controlled by Palestinian Authorities…we are highly committed to provide transport services to all areas including areas controlled by Palestinian Authorities. Any claim of an alleged discrimination between Jewish settlers and Palestinian civilians living in these territories is completely and utterly false. We serve customers in the Palestinian authorities at least 2-3 times per month, providing them with the IKEA Israel's products.

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Company response
10 December 2012

Ikea response

Author: Ikea

IKEA is politically and religiously independent. IKEA is for the many, respecting individuals with different views and opinions. We welcome all people to the IKEA stores, independent of religion, political view, ethnic background or where they come from. IKEA operations are today carried out in 340 IKEA stores in 40 countries including Israel and a range of other markets in the Middle East…The local transport company cooperating with the Israeli IKEA franchisee has since 2010 been able to arrange for home delivery of IKEA products to people living in the areas controlled by Palestinian Authorities. If there has been occasions when the delivery service has not worked as intended it is regrettable and something we will look into.

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4 December 2012

Despite claims, Ikea Israel refuses to deliver to Palestinians in West Bank while serving settlers

Author: Adri Nieuwhof, Electronic Intifada

Ikea publicly claims its Israeli store delivers to anyone regardless of race, religion or nationality...[However,] a Hebrew-speaking Palestinian living in the West Bank, called Ikea to ask about home delivery to the Palestinian village of Beit Sahour...I was told the phone call was transferred to the store’s delivery company Moviley Dror. The company’s representative...said that...Moviley Dror would not enter the Palestinian Authority areas because they are dangerous...[They said] Moviley Dror would not pass the checkpoint, even if the area is classified as Area C under the Oslo accords...The same day, I asked Who Profits...to...contact Ikea by phone and see what happened when they were asked to deliver to an Israeli settlement, also in the West Bank...[and] in Area C...Asked if Moviley Dror delivers Ikea products to Beitar Ilit, the response was “yes.” Moviley Dror’s answer shows that Ikea passes through checkpoints to deliver its products to Israeli settlers in the West Bank but not to indigenous Palestinians in the West Bank...

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