India: Daikin workers seriously injured during two-day national strike

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In January 2019, approximately 30 workers at the Daikin India factory were reported to have been seriously injured while participating in a two-day national strike. Twelve workers were subseqently arrested on charges of rioting and attempted murder, with an additional 700 unnamed workers being charged with the same offences. The workers alleged that “bouncers” hired by Daikin “pelted [them with] stones” and “fired rubber bullets on them”. They further reported that the violent response was “aimed at dismissing the union.” 

The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre invited Daikin India and it's parent company, Daikin Global, to respond to the above allegations. No response was received. 

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7 February 2019

India: 12 Daikin workers arrested for clash outside factory

Author: The Times of India

"12 Daikin workers arrested for clash outside factory", 10 January 2019

Twelve workers of the multinational air-conditioning company, Daikin, were arrested on Wednesday [9 January] on charges of rioting and attempt to murder, a day after clashes outside the company's factory in Neemrana during a strike left around 30 workers and several policemen injured. 

The 12 arrested were among 17 named in the FIR [first information report]. The same charges have also been slapped on 700 unnamed workers. The workers had alleged police attacked them with lathis and fired tear-gas shells at them. They also claimed bouncers hired by the company had pelted them with stones and fired rubber-tipped pellets. 

Daikin has not responded to The Times of India's queries on Tuesday [8 January] seeking its response. 

The clashes began when the workers’ union of the Daikin factory tried to unfurl its flag outside the factory premises...Neemrana [Station House Officer] said police intervened only when workers tried to make a forceful entry into the factory premises...

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7 February 2019

India: 30 Daikin workers injured in clash with police and ‘bouncers' during strike

Author: Shubhra Pant, Times of India

"30 Daikin workers injured in clash with police and ‘bouncers' during strike", 9 January 2019

An agitation by the worker's union of the Daikin factory in Neemrana on Tuesday [8 January] morning, followed by police allegedly stopping them from unfurling the flag of the worker's union outside factory premises, led to a scuffle that left around 30 workers with serious injuries. The rally was part of the all-India general strike alled by several unions...

Workers told [Times of India] that along wtih policement, there bouncers hired by the Daikin management, who pelted stones and fired rubber-tipped pellets on them...According to labor rights activists, there are no registered unions in the Neemrana industrial area, which is a major cause of worker exploitation. Workers at Daikin had to fight for five years before the Rajasthan high court intervened and allowed the union to be formed on September 29, 2018...

The Daikin managmeent did not reply to emails and calles by [Times of India] for a response. Neemrana [Station House Officer] said they intervened when striking workers forcefully tried to enter the Daikin factory premsises and stop other workers from their duty...

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Company non-response
27 February 2019

Daikin India did not respond to incidences in factory in Neemrana, India

We invited Daikin India and Daikin to respond. to the allegations. we did not get any response from them.