India: Google's Orkut helps cops censor? New cyberterror law...

Author: Xeni Jardin, on Boing Boing, Published on: 13 March 2007

The Indian Express...[is] reporting that Google's social networking service Orkut will cooperate with the Mumbai Police to share IP addresses of users who post “objectionable content” on Orkut. If reports are to be believed, the police need only email a complaint to Orkut, and Orkut will send back the personally identifying data, no questions asked. The police are said to be targeting a number of "problematic" Orkut posts, including items that criticize various public figures in India... Google issued a statement: "When dealing with requests from authorities, we are very careful to balance the interests of our users while still being as cooperative in the investigation and prosecution of crimes as possible. Authorities, including those in India, are required to provide appropriate legal process in order to get user-identifying information."

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