India: Hydel Based Power Unit impacts communities by River Jatashankari, Chhattisgar



 Country: India

Project name: Hydel Based Power Unit on River Jatashankari, Chhattisgar


Capacity: 7 (2×3.5 MW) MW

Companies involved: Shalivahana Green Energy Limited

This section briefly summarises key concerns about the projects:

The project design document claims that the project would “not alter any environmental or biological attributes of the area”.  However, according to Carbon Market Watch, the project had severe consequences for local communities’ access to water.  This impact was especially acute as the local community relies on wells for water needs and also affected their agricultural production.  The company made efforts to address concerns about replanting trees felled for the project site, but no information is available on the company’s actions in response to concerns about access to water.

Registered under Clean Development Mechanism