India: Labour right campaigners raise cry over Freedom 251’s worker abuse

Author: Reuters, Published on: 3 July 2016

The Indian makers of a $4 smartphone hope its low price will allow millions of the poorest people to own a mobile phone in a market with only 10 percent penetration....But labour rights campaigners worry that push to churn out cheap handsets and tablets may lead to greater abuse of workers' rights in India, the world's fastest-growing smartphone market...the company's chief executive Mohit Goel said...Ringing Bells pays fair wages to its workers and its pricier models will help offset the cost of the $4 phone...Gopinath Parakuni, general secretary at Cividep, a workers' rights campaign group...[said]...our regulations simply aren't strong enough to ensure workers in the electronics industry are taken care of.

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