India: Report alleges persistent abusive practices & failure to comply with Plantations Labour Act at Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited tea plantations, company denies allegations

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12 February 2014

World Bank Authorizes Investigation into Violations at Tata’s Tea Plantations in India [India]

Author: Wilfred Topno, PAD, Barnabas Kindo, PAJHRA, Jayshree Satpute, Nazdeek & Komala Ramachandra, Accountability Counsel

…[T]he World Bank’s independent accountability office authorized an investigation into labor and human rights violations on Tata’s tea gardens in Assam, a state in northeast India. The announcement came in response to a complaint by workers on Tata’s tea plantations alleging inhumane working and living conditions, violations of their freedom of association, and coercion of workers….In its report, the accountability office concluded, “this complaint raises potentially significant adverse [environmental and social] impacts associated with the project.” A full investigation of potential non-compliance is expected to begin as early as March 2014.

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6 February 2014

Compliance Advisor Ombudsman Appraisal report : IFC Investment in Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited (APPL) [India]

Author: Compliance Advisor Ombudsman

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3 February 2014

IFC statement in response to Columbia Law School report on tea plantations in India

Author: International Finance Corporation

IFC chose to partner with APPL, as a company that has adopted strong environmental and social sustainability standards and is committed to their implementation.,,APPL has undertaken considerable efforts to improve employee welfare, including through building and renovating houses and sanitation facilities, and the employee share ownership program.

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1 January 2014

The More Things Change ...The World Bank, Tata and Enduring Abuses on India’s Tea Plantations [India]

Author: Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School

This is a case study of APPL. It documents the conditions for APPL’s workers and their families on the plantations, evaluating them in the context of Indian law and international commitments. It is a detailed account of the persistence of abusive practices, and the failure to comply with the basic requirements of the PLA, 60 years after its passage. It is also a critical analysis of the transition from Tata Tea to APPL, and of the role played in that transition by the IFC and private organizations intended to promote decent labor standards.

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Company response
31 December 2013

Amlgamated Plantations Private Limited response

Author: Amlgamated Plantations Private Limited response

we have examined [the report]… sufficiently to say that it is incorrect and misleading in some parts, which are injurious to our interests and defamatory. Our initial reaction is that you have not mentioned some aspects which should have found a place in the report and have not properly appreciated others.

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