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India: Swiggy food delivery executives protest over pay cuts

Author: Neethu Joseph, The News Minute, India, Published on: 9 June 2019

“Swiggy food delivery executives in Kochi protest over pay cuts”, 29 May, 2019

A section of food delivery executives of Swiggy…are protesting over a reduction in payment scale. The food delivery executives allege that payment scale was changed without any intimation from the management to the employees…

As per the payment scale, a delivery executive gets a minimum of Rs 25 for delivering food within 4 Km, and they would get additional amount of Rs 5 for each extra kilometre. But now as per the new pay scale, the minimum payment is Rs 25 for delivering food within 5 km.  Apart from this, the executives also allege that the company’s management has taken away waiting charge for the executives.

...Swiggy has denied disruption in services...Industry sources say that there has been no change in the pay scale for delivery executives in the past few months.

Further, with respect to the change in waiting charge, earlier the wait charge was based on time slabs like X amount for 1-5 minutes, etc. However, this has now been changed to a different method where Swiggy pays delivery executives per minute...


The delivery agents are also dismayed over the company taking away some of the monthly and weekly incentives they had offered earlier…They change the pay scale whenever they want and take off incentives without discussing with the delivery executives…


Working for 12 hours a day used to fetch the delivery executives Rs 1,000, but now, with the recent changes, the workers will have to work at least 16 hours to make the same amount.


The executives also allege that the company does not provide incentives uniformly to all the delivery agents…


The delivery agents have decided to approach the government.


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