India: UK study reveals BPO workers regularly face racial abuse

Author: Huffington Post (India), Published on: 5 December 2017

"Indian BPO Workers Regularly Face Racial Abuse, Reveals Study." 27 November 2017

...Many workers in call centres...face racial abuse from people viewing them as job thieves, says a new study [from the University of Kent in the UK ] on business process outsourcing centres in India. It is a post-recession reality. Western clients are extremely cagey. If they think you are an Indian, their biggest fear is you are stealing their job and that everything is being outsourced.

The study, released earlier this month, is based on ethnographic research with two global outsourcing firms operating call centres in India from 2010-12. In 2012, an estimated 3.3 lakh Indians worked in call centres which provide customer-related services...

[T]he study was also relevant in the context of recent developments in the United States and UK. "In terms of the current context, with Brexit in the UK and Trump in America, recession, pulling back of services, we have seen a resurgence of national politics...much more customer abuse, much more racial abuse"...

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