India: Will govt. follow through on requiring Dow to take responsibility for Bhopal clean-up? (Business Standard)

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1 June 2008

Sreelatha Menon:Time to bury the Bhopal tragedy ghost?

Author: Sreelatha Menon, Business Standard, India

The government has already taken the first step, one which restores faith in the working of a democracy: the law ministry has said that Dow Chemicals will have to take responsibility for cleaning up the toxic garbage left behind by its predecessor. The government has even refused to guarantee the well-being of the company's proposed $ 1 billion investment in India. Is this the confidence of a 9 per cent GDP nation or a rare case of lost-and-found spine?

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28 May 2008

Dow Chemical: Liable for Bhopal?

Author: Manjeet Kripalani, Business Week

For nearly a quarter century, the name Bhopal has been synonymous with the dangers of industrialization. In the wee hours of Dec. 3, 1984, a toxic gas leaked from a pesticide plant in the central Indian city of Bhopal…. Today, Bhopal is also coming to mean endless litigation. Although a civil case on compensation for victims was settled 19 years ago, Indian courts have yet to rule on several other issues involving Bhopal…. Seven years ago, Dow bought what was left of Union Carbide, the company that owned the Bhopal plant…. Even if Dow never has to pay any damages, Bhopal has become a thorny public-relations issue for the company. [also refers to TIAA-CREF, New York City Pension Funds, Tata Group]

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"alliance de 180 entreprises multinationales destinée à soutenir leur engagement contre l'épidémie du SIDA"

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