Indigenous peoples

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  • "Indigenous peoples"
    - UN Special Representative on business & human rights online consultation on the corporate responsibility to respect human rights






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18 December 2018

Indigenous communities on the frontlines of climate-forced displacement call upon world leaders to address climate crisis

Author: Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

"In the last 10 years, millions of people have been displaced due to the impacts of climate change. Rising seas, melting permafrost, erosion, and flooding are causing entire communities to relocate....

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17 December 2018

Briefing on business & human rights issues in Tanzania, includes tourism, infrastructure, agribusiness & mining sectors

Author: Commission for Human Rights & Good Governance (Tanzania), Business & Human Rights Tanzania & IPIS

"Business & Human Rights in Tanzania: Briefing 2018 Quarter 3: July - September"...

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20 November 2018

Tanzania: Local communities increasingly registering their land to fight land grabs, including by commercial investors

Author: Kizito Makoye, OZY (USA)

"Tanzanian farmers crack the code for fighting land grabs", 13 Nov 2018...

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14 August 2018

Kenya: Report claims communities impacted by Akiira Geothermal's operations not adequately consulted; includes company response & NGOs' rejoinder

A report by International Accountability Project (IAP) allege some members of the local community impacted by Akiira Geothermal's operations did not have access to information about the proposed project neither were they consulted. The Business and...

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2 May 2018

Kenya: Court orders compensation for indigenous community who will lose fishing rights to pave way for port construction

Author: Charles Lwanga, Business Daily (Kenya)

"Court orders State to pay Lamu fishermen Sh1.7bn in Lapsset compensation"...

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30 April 2018

Kenya: Extractive Baraza's launches compendium of legal cases related to extractives & impacts on land & cultural rights

The Extractive Baraza has compiled court cases involving the extractive sector. The cases cover several subject matters including the right to public participation and consent in exploration missions and indigenous peoples' right to life, natural...

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20 March 2018

Maasai-Maori exchange offers Kenya's indigenous community insights on how to engage & benefit from geothermal companies operating in their communal land

Author: Kevin Mwanza, Reuters

"When the Maasai met the Maori: Kenya seeks to end geothermal land conflicts"...

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20 February 2018

Uganda: Communities displaced for oil-related infrastructure allege unfair compensation by oil companies; Total responds

Local communities in oil-rich Buliisa district that hosts the oil and gas processing facility has threatened to sue multinational companies over alleged unfair compensation. In its response, Total has said that its resettlement complies with...

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18 December 2017

Kenya: Indigenous Endorois community's long pursuit for justice after eviction to pave way for a game reserve

Author: Martin Mavenjina, (Kenya Human Rights Commission), in African Arguments (UK)

"Could Global South solidarity finally ensure justice for Kenya’s Endorois?"...

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4 July 2016

Kenya: World Bank urged to apply Indigenous Peoples Policy consistently to protect communities impacted by development projects

Author: Jackson Shaa (Narasha Community Development Group, Kenya) & Annabel Perreras (International Accountability Project), in Bretton Woods Project

"Lessons from Kenya: Why the World Bank must apply the Indigenous Peoples Policy consistently"...

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