Indonesia: Friends of the Earth calls on banks to withhold loans from Lapindo Brantas gas project until it compensates people displaced by Sidoarjo mud volcano - Credit Suisse, Barclays, Fortis respond - Merrill Lynch declines to respond

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1 December 2006

Chronology of Banjarpanji [Indonesia]

Author: Energi Mega Persada

[December 2006:] The mud continues to flow at a rate of approximately 1.1 million barrels per day... By the end of the year, 40km of large scale levees had been constructed to contain the mud... Refugees continue to receive free medical care. To date, 35,000 patients have been attended to... Tim Nas [Indonesian Govt's National Mitigation Team] proposes to buy affected land and property from those with proper land certification... 12,463 people are being given shelter... LBI [Lapindo Brantas] announces that displaced people who meet specified criteria have the option to be relocated to...a residential area...which will include a school, medical clinic, sports facilities, a mosque, cemetery, and traditional market.

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