Indonesia: Government condemns alleged abuse of fishermen aboard Chinese vessels after release of footage showing disposal of body bag

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11 May 2020

Indonesia: Government condemns alleged abuse of fishermen aboard Chinese vessels after release of footage showing disposal of body bag

Author: ABC News

“Indonesia condemns abuse of fishermen aboard Chinese boats after release of corpse video”, 11 May 2020

Indonesia's Government has condemned the alleged abuse of Indonesian fishermen aboard a Chinese fishing vessel, after footage of a body bag being thrown overboard caused widespread outrage in the South-East Asian country.

"We condemn the inhuman treatment against our crew members working at the Chinese fishing company," said Indonesia's Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi in a video conference, stating that 49 fishermen aboard the Long Xin 629 were forced to work 18-hour days in poor conditions.

"Based on the information from the crews, the company has violated human rights."

Indonesia previously summoned the Chinese ambassador over the matter and Ms Marsudi has called for Chinese authorities to conduct an investigation into the company that operates the vessel.

Footage first aired by South Korean broadcaster MBC News… showed crew members of the Long Xin 629 disposing of an orange body bag overboard.

At least three Indonesian crew were reported to have died…

Ms Marsudi said that "China's Foreign Affairs Ministry has responded to our inquiry [about the sea burials] and said they were conducted in line with the maritime code and International Labour Organization's rules."

"They threw the body straight overboard," an Indonesian crew member… detailing a range of alleged abuses against the vessel's workers.

These included being forced to work 30 hours straight with meal breaks only every six hours, and being reduced to drinking filtered sea water.

"I've had headaches. Indeed, we couldn't drink the water. Even until I've had phlegm [in my throat]."…

Lawyers for the fishers said the men had received less than $US300 ($457) for a full year's work as opposed to the $US300 they were supposed to be paid monthly under their employment contracts.

The incident has again shone a light on the mistreatment of South-East Asian seafaring workers, particularly aboard Chinese-owned vessels…

The Indonesian Migrant Worker Union said a lack of domestic regulatory oversight meant many Indonesians working abroad, including fishers, were likely to be exploited or in forced labour situations.

"The gap in regulation makes workers vulnerable to exploitation, and even often victims of criminal human trafficking," general secretary Hariyanto Suwarno said in a statement…

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Author: ABC News




印尼外交部长蕾特诺·马尔苏迪(Retno Marsudi)在一次视频会议上说:“我们谴责针对中国渔船上印尼船员的不人道待遇。”她还说,龙鑫629号船上的49名渔民被迫在恶劣条件下每天工作18小时。











印度尼西亚外来劳工工会(Indonesian Migrant Worker Union)表示,缺乏国内监管意味着许多在国外工作的印尼人,包括渔民,可能受到剥削或处于强迫劳动的境地。

“监管上的漏洞使工人容易受到剥削,甚至常常成为人口贩运的受害者,”总干事哈里亚托·苏瓦诺(Hariyanto Suwarno)在一份声明中说……

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Author: ABC News


“在屍體處理視頻被公佈後,印度尼西亞譴責針對中國漁船上的漁民的虐待行為”, 2020511


印尼外交部長蕾特諾·馬爾蘇迪( Retno Marsudi )在一次視頻會議上說:“我們譴責針對中國漁船上印尼船員的不人道待遇。”她還說,龍鑫629號船上的49名漁民被迫在惡劣條件下每天工作18小時。



韓國文化廣播公司電視台( MBC )首次播出的畫面顯示……龍鑫629號的船員將一個橘黃色的裝屍袋扔入海中。








印度尼西亞外來勞工工會( Indonesian Migrant Worker Union )表示,缺乏國內監管意味著許多在國外工作的印尼人,包括漁民,可能受到剝削或處於強迫勞動的境地。

“監管上的漏洞使工人容易受到剝削,甚至常常成為人口販運的受害者,”總幹事哈里亞托·蘇瓦諾( Hariyanto Suwarno )在一份聲明中說……

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