Indonesia: No evidence that students were abused following reports of forced labour in Taiwanese factories

Author: Sheany, Jakarta Globe, Published on: 5 January 2019

"No Evidence to Support Claims Indonesian Students Are Abused in Taiwan: Official" 4 January 2019

John Chen, the head of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta, investigation had found no evidence that Indonesian students were subject to abuses in Taiwan, and reaffirmed his country's commitment to their welfare.

"After further investigation, [we found] no facts of abuse of Indonesian students. [Also,] the allegation that Indonesian students are forced to eat pork is not true," Chen said at a press conference.

...[M]edia reports...hundreds of Indonesian students enrolled in a college and internship program were subjected to forced labor in Taiwanese factories.

This prompted stop sending students to that country under the program and call on Taiwan to launch an investigation.

...The students denied the allegations and labeled the reports in several news outlets as fake news.

..."This program is intended for underprivileged students. It allows them to work and go to college, so they can return to Indonesia having made some extra money and obtained a degree," Chen explained.


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