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12 February 2012

Response by Inland Screw Piling: Company imported products allegedly made at factory using prison labour.

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16 February 2011

China: Laogai Research Foundation issues report alleging Canadian construction company imported products made at a prison factory - includes company responses

Author: Compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

On 11 January 2011 Laogai Research Foundation released a report, "Building on the Backs of Prisoners: Examining the Imports of a Canadian Construction Company"...which said that Inland Screw Piling, a Canadian construction company, had imported...

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16 February 2011

Report: Building on the Backs of Prisoners: Examining the Imports of a Canadian Construction Company [PDF]

Author: Laogai Research Foundation [USA]

...This case is merely a example of a supply chain system that...deliberately hides the means of production from consumers. Such trade financially supports the Laogai, one of the most repressive prison systems in the world...LRF calls upon the...

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9 January 2011

Chinese prison-made goods enter Canada: report

Author: CBC News [Canada]

An Alberta company has been importing products made at a Chinese prison camp, according to...Laogai Research Foundation. Canada bans the importation of any goods made by prison labour, but...prison-made goods are turning up in Canada. "Inland Screw...

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