Int'l civil society week results in Belgrade Call to Action, urging govts. & cos. to protect defenders

Author: International Civil Society Week, Published on: 16 April 2019

"Civil Society Summit The Belgrade Call to Action An Action Agenda: Positive Measures for Enabling Civic Space towards Maximizing Civil Society Contributions to the SDGs", 10 Apr 2019

Meeting in Belgrade on the occasion of the 2019 International Civil Society Week, the Civil Society Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE), CIVICUS, Action for Sustainable Development, Civic Initiatives and the Balkan Civil Society Development Network have urgently convoked global civil society leaders and organizations to launch the Belgrade Call to Action... This Call is addressed to Governments and Member States of the United Nations to take urgent action to reverse deteriorating conditions for civil society and attacks on human rights and environmental defenders around the world, in the context of the 2030 Agenda... Providers of Development Cooperation [should] [e]nforce human rights standards for foreign operations of businesses Review on a regular basis the foreign operations of companies domiciled in provider countries for human rights violations, and provide significant sanctions to end these practices. Promote inclusivity and civil society input in business standard setting and monitoring processes... All stakeholders – Government, Civil Society, Parliamentarians, Private Sector – need to find common ground and truly work together to deliver Agenda 2030. Civil society is a crucial actor on all of these issues... 

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