Intl. conference on human rights in tourism addresses working conditions along supply chains in hospitality sector

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21 July 2017

Documentation of intl. conference on human rights in tourism

Author: Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism e.V.

Working conditions and human rights along the supply chain – the hospitality sector 

- ...ILO guidelines on decent work and socially responsible tourism are available online and will be officially adopted in November 2017...

The group identifies outsourcing as a major challenge as it makes it extremely difficult to control contract conditions and to protect employees. Furthermore, the seasonality of jobs in-creases workers vulnerability... Legal complexity and uncertainty are a major issue as employment standards differ from country to country... There is a strong need for internationally agreed upon labour standards that are enforced on the ground. As a first step, a database of world-wide regulations would help tour operators to gain an overview of existing labour standards in the respective country... [I]ssues such as outsourcing and/or franchising is widespread along the sector... Therefore clear and binding regulation is urgently needed.

Download the full document here

29 June 2017

Activity plan of the roundtable Human Rights in Tourism e.V.

Author: Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism e.V.

It becomes evident that the members benefit most from practical information that is ready to be applied to their working contexts... The structure of the working plan [contains] four main fields of intervention...

1. Institutionalization and International Outreach (internal and external communication) ...

2. Political Dialogue ... 

3. Exchange of Experience / good practise ...

4. Pilot Projects ... 

Download the full document here