Introductory materials

Below are introductory materials on what human rights impact assessments are and how to conduct them.

(Photo credit: Nordic Trust Fund/World Bank)


"Doing Business with Respect for Human Rights: Assessing impacts", Global Compact Network Netherlands, Oxfam, Shift, Nov 2016


“Evaluating the Human Rights Impact of Investment Projects: Background, Best practices and Opportunities”, Alejandro González, PODER, 2014


 “Human Rights Impact Assessments: A Review of the Literature, Differences with other forms of Assessments and Relevance for Development”, World Bank, Nordic Trust Fund, 2013


“Human Rights Impact Assessments for Implementing Corporate Responsibility. Conceptual Challenges and Practical Approaches”, Brigitte Hamm, Christian Scheper, Institute for Development and Peace (INEF), 2012


“Human Rights Impact Assessment: Review of Practice and Guidance for Future Assessments”, James Harrison and Mary-Ann Stephenson (commissioned by Scottish Human Rights Commission), Jun 2010


“Human Rights Impact Assessment – Resolving Key Methodological Questions”, Prof. John Ruggie, UN Human Rights Council, 2007


For more in-depth information on human rights impact assessments, please return to this page.