Is Your Money Where Your Heart Is? - The Truth About SRI [socially responsible investing] Mutual Funds

Author: Paul Hawken, Natural Capital Institute, in Dragonfly Media, Published on: 1 October 2004

...the international SRI (socially responsible investing) mutual fund industry...has no standards, no definitions, and no regulations...Anyone can join; anyone can call his or her fund an SRI fund. The term "socially responsible investing" is so broad it is meaningless...Either the industry has to reform in toto (or rename itself), or that portion of the industry that wants to maintain credibility must break off from the pretenders and create an association with real standards, enforceability, and transparency...In the US, there are funds that make real contributions to corporate reform and accountability: Portfolio 21, Calvert, Domini, Citizens, Walden, and Women's Equity are rightfully considered leaders. But they are the minority. [Also refers to Sierra Club Stock Fund, Pax World Funds, Harris Bretall Sullivan & Smith. Refers to investments in PepsiCo, Apogent Technologies, Comcast, Nokia, Chesapeake Energy, Tidewater, McDonald's, Starbucks]

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