Israeli 'Gishouri' factory allegedly threatening lives of Palestinians

Author: Palestine News Network, Published on: 16 December 2014

"Israeli 'Gishouri' Factory Threatening Lives of Palestinians", 07 Dec 2014

The Gishouri factory was constructed West Tulkarim after Israeli court ordered its colsure in Israeli occupied Kfar-Safa in 1982, due to Israeli protests on health and environment damage it causes, to be moved to the Palestinian district of Tulkarim, North West Bank.

The factory counts as one of the dozens of Israeli factories that threaten the lives of city residents due to direct poisoning and other ilnesses of inhaling the gas and polluted dust and chemicals.

Fatima Az-Zahraa' basic girls school, located next to the factory, serves as an example of the suffering and health issues that haunt the children of inhaling smoke and gas emissions causing migraines and also destraction from the high noises.

[The Resource Centre was unable to identify contact information for the Gishouri factory online.  If the company would like to respond at any point to this article, we will add its response alongside.]

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