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27 June 2016

New survey to benchmark "corporate leadership on modern slavery"

Author: Hult International Business School and Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)

Building on research into corporate responses to address modern slavery carried out in 2015, the Ethical Trading Initiative and Hult International Business School are partnering again to lead research on the critical role of corporate leadership in...

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20 June 2016

Human Rights Translated 2.0: A Business Reference Guide

Author: Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Global Compact

This publication provides company managers and staff with essential knowledge of what human rights are and how they are relevant for business. It also outlines some key elements of what it means to respect and support human rights in practice. It is...

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13 June 2016

India: Tea companies asked to raise wages & stop litigation blocking minimum wage revisions, in letter from civil society groups

Author: Amnesty International, CORE Coalition, Share Action, Traidcraft & others (see letter for complete list of NGOs)

“Open letter to brands and retailers purchasing Assam tea attending the TEAM UP 2016 conference on tea and sustainability,” 14 Jun 2016...

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5 April 2016

New assessment tool uses data to help companies take control of supply chain risks

Author: Lyndsay McGregor, Sourcing Journal (USA)

Slavery is still rife in the apparel industry, but new legislation in the U.K. puts the onus on big companies to put an end to forced labor or risk losing out on business...The Modern Slavery Act, which came into effect on Apr. 1, mandates that all...

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31 March 2016

UK: Sedex releases new guidance for auditors to tackle under-reporting of forced labour

On 22 March 2016, the Sedex Associate Auditor Group released guidance on how auditors can detect indicators of forced labour.  The guidance, co-authored by Marianne Voss, Sedex's stakeholder executive and David Camp, Stronger Together's programme coor...

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11 February 2016

USA: "Modern-day slavery even happens in Silicon Valley"

Author: Leeta-Rose Ballester, San Jose Mercury-News (USA)

Trafficking victims can be found working in restaurants, nail salons, nursing homes or food trucks. They can be seen peddling wares or cleaning buildings. Many are forced into prostitution, pornography or exotic dancing... Experts surmise more men and...

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10 February 2016
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Author: Kamanda Wa Kamanda, RFI

"RDC: formation des exploitants artisanaux dans les mines du Katanga", 2 février 2016...

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5 February 2016
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Author: Ресурсный центр по вопросам бизнеса и прав человека

Данный брифинг освещает ключевые вопросы и события в Восточной Европе и Центральной Азии, связанные с правами человека в контексте бизнеса в период с мая 2014 года по декабрь 2015 года.  В нем представлены примеры положительных и негативных воздействий...

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26 November 2015

New book: "The Business and Human Rights Landscape - Moving Forward, Looking Back"

Author: Editors: Jena Martin, West Virginia University & Karen E. Bravo, Indiana Univ.

The adoption of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in 2011 marked a watershed moment, establishing the first global standards for preventing human rights abuses by business. In light of this paradigm shift, The Business...

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30 September 2015
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Author: Murillo Pereira, Envolverde/Instituto Ethos (Brazil)

“CONFERÊNCIA ETHOS 360°-Não há empresa sustentável sem trabalho decente - O Brasil foi o último dos países das Américas a abolir a escravidão, no entanto a herança maldita de trabalhadores submetidos pela força permanece.”, 25 de setembro de 2015 ...A...

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