Political opinion discrimination

International standards on political opinion discrimination: click here

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30 November 2012

[PDF] A guide to human rights for small and medium-sized enterprises

Author: Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, European Commission

This guide has been written for small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union...There are a growing number of guides to human rights that have been prepared for larger, multinational companies but there are not many resources available for...

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8 November 2012

[PDF] Re: World Bank Group Should Commit to Human Rights

Author: Center for Intl. Environmental Law, Amnesty Intl., Human Rights Watch

We write to congratulate you on your appointment as president of the World Bank Group (WBG)…We were pleased to hear…restoring the World Bank’s role in the international system is a priority for your future work. To achieve this…it will be essential to...

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4 September 2012

Talking Politics At Work Can Get You Fired [USA]

Author: Susan Adam, Forbes [USA]

Although the First Amendment broadly protects our right to freedom of speech, especially when we’re expressing views about politics...private employers can bar political discussions in the workplace...[D]uring the last presidential election, a quarter...

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21 June 2012
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Author: La Repubblica [Italia]

Il Tribunale di Roma ha condannato la Fiat per discriminazioni contro la Fiom [Federazione Impiegati Operai Metallurgici] a Pomigliano: 145 lavoratori con la tessera del sindacato di Maurizio Landini dovranno essere assunti nella fabbrica...19 iscritti...

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27 April 2012

A Human Rights Agenda for the World Bank's New President

Author: Jessica Evans, Huffington Post [USA]

The…World Bank’s new president, Jim Yong Kim, has the opportunity…to bridge the false divide between human rights and development….[G]lobal poverty…is…linked to socio-economic rights…the World Bank continues to treat human rights as extraneous...

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13 April 2012

New human rights briefing on Bahrain released

Author: Amnesty Intl.

As discussions around the scheduling of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain intensify, Amnesty International has…released a briefing summarising the continuing human rights crisis in Bahrain. A full report, “Flawed Reforms: Bahrain fails to achieve...

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9 April 2012

Legal dangers of using social media - Employees need to be mindful while posting on networking sites

Author: Mandeep Kalsi, Associate at Hadef & Partners, in Gulf News

On Facebook, depending upon an individual's privacy user settings, information such as religious beliefs, marital status, political preferences and affiliations and other personal content not evident from an application form may be involuntarily...

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9 February 2012

Shorts worker awarded £11,500 after 'chilling' sectarian abuse [UK]

Author: BBC News

A Catholic worker employed by Shorts/Bombardier has been awarded £11,500 after he suffered serious sectarian harassment at the hands of a work mate...He suffered mental health problems as a result of the harassment...The judge found that attempt by...

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23 November 2011

[PDF] Report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry

Author: Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni, Nigel Rodley, Badria Al-Awadhi, Philippe Kirsch, Mahnoush H. Arsanjani

The Gulf Air Trade Union (GATU) submitted a report containing the names of 213 employees dismissed from Gulf Air. GATU alleged that some of the reasons used by Gulf Air to dismiss those employees were not in fact violations according to the company‘s...

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17 October 2011
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Author: Daniel Nagase, Dario de Negreiros e Rafael Schincariol, Viomundo [Brasil]

...Paulo Abrão, afirmou que a Comissão da Verdade deve investigar as empresas privadas que financiaram a ditadura civil-militar...[e] sugeriu a formação de 12 comitês especiais que também apurariam, dentre outras coisas, os atos de terrorismo de Estado...

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