Pregnancy discrimination

International standards on pregnancy discrimination: click here

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5 June 2019

Ex-employee files gender & pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against French Laundry restaurant

Author: Jocelyn Gecker, SFGate (USA)

"French Laundry, chef Thomas Keller sued for discrimination", 3 Jun 2019...

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17 May 2019

Ethiopia: Major apparel brands accused of 'race to the bottom' after investigation reveals wages as low as $0.12 per hour & 'numerous' labour abuses in garment factories; Incl. co. responses

An investigation by Workers Rights Consortium into Ethiopia's growing textile and apparel export sector has found the lowest wages it has ever documented in any garment exporting country - as little as $0.12 an hour - and numerous labour rights abuses...

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8 May 2019
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Author: Mathieu Chartier, Les Numériques (France)

« Femmes enceintes licenciées par Amazon : 7 procès en 8 ans », 7 mai 2019...

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7 May 2019

USA: Amazon faces 7 lawsuits from pregnant women about alleged discrimination

Author: Timothy B. Lee, Arts Technica (USA)

"Amazon discriminates against pregnant women, seven lawsuits have said", 6 May 2019...

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30 April 2019
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Author: BMZ auf Entwicklungspolitik Online

Zum Internationalen Tag der Arbeit am 1. Mai hat Entwicklungsminister Gerd Müller (CSU) gemahnt, Arbeitnehmerrechten müsse nicht nur in Deutschland und Europa, sondern weltweit Geltung verschafft werden. Viele unserer täglichen Produkte würden in...

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24 April 2019

Report: Apparel brands' purchasing practices are driving labour abuses in garment factories

Author: Human Rights Watch

""Paying for a Bus Ticket and Expecting to Fly": How Apparel Brand Purchasing Practices Drive Labor Abuses", 23 April 2019...

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8 April 2019

Kenya: Court orders Windsor Hotel and Country Club to compensate former employee for pregnancy discrimination

Author: Sam Kiplagat, Business Daily (Kenya)

"Windsor to pay hostess Sh2.6m for sacking over pregnancy"...

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17 March 2019
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Author: Kaosenlared

“Precarización laboral y discriminación: La realidad de la industria del salmón en Chile”, 17 de marzo de 2019...

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2 December 2018

Japan: Trainees forced to choose between abortion and job loss if found pregnant

Author: Ari Hirayama, The Asahi Shimbun

"Expectant trainees told to end pregnancy or leave Japan," 02 December 2018...

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23 November 2018

Danish Institute for Human Rights publishes mapping on women in business & human rights

Author: Danish Institute for Human Rights

"Women in business and human rights", 21 Nov 2018...

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