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2 October 2019

India: Report highlights failure of audits to identify major labour rights risks in leather footwear supply chain

Author: Homeworkers Worldwide

"Due diligence in Tamil Nadu leather footwear manufacture", September 2019...

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24 September 2019

India: Report finds community-based interventions addressing systemic causes of bonded labour reduces its prevalence in villages

Author: The Freedom Fund

"Unlocking what works: How community-based interventions are ending bonded labour in India", September 2019...

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17 July 2018

Commentary: New technologies allow women in India to be partners in decision-making

Author: Shreya Sen, OpenGlobalRights

"Bringing justice close: an experiment in accessing justice with technology", 17 July 2018...

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19 September 2017

Forced labour and child trafficking in India’s garment sector

Author: Geeta Sekhon, Asia Foundation

...The ILO estimates that in India, 5.8 million children from 5 to 17 years old work under poor conditions, representing the highest rate of child labor in South Asia... [I]ncreasingly...garment sector are attracting more child workers...The Child...

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15 March 2017

India: Major footwear and garment brands react to serious human rights issues in their leather supply chain and promise collective action

The report Do leather workers matter? Violating labour rights and environmental norms in India’s leather production explores labour conditions in the leather industry that are steeped into deep-rooted social inequalities in Indian society based on...

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17 February 2017

India: 7,000 march in Bengaluru to protest state's inaction over bonded labour

Author: Chloe Perceval & Alfea Jamal

...[A]round 7,000 former bonded labourers, agricultural workers, members of self-help groups, along with Rural Development and Panchayat Raj minister for Karnataka, H.K. Patil were in attendance at a protest to eradicate bonded labour and rehabilitate...

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6 February 2017

Report highlights workers‘ rights violations in the Indian leather and footwear industry

Author: Vaibhav Raaj, Shashi Kant Prasad & Anton Pieper, Society for Labour and Development & SüdwindInstitut

...[L]abour law violations are still a common phenomenon in the Indian leather and foot- wear industry. The people who work at the factories that supply European brands told us, among other infringements, about salaries that are far below a living...

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23 October 2016

India’s children of bonded labourers use memories to rescue others

Author: Anuradha Nagaraj, Livemint

India banned the practice of bonded labour in 1976, but the country is still home to 11.7 million bonded labourers, according to the ILO...Working in vegetable patches and on millet fields in Karnataka, farm labourers caught in debt bondage suffer...

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26 July 2016

Changes to India's child labour law will disadvantage tribals, lower-castes - U.N.

Author: Nita Bhalla, Guardian

he United Nations says changes to India's child labour law which permit children to work for their families and reduce the number of banned occupations for adolescents will disadvantage vulnerable groups such as tribals and lower-caste communities.....

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13 July 2016

Why brands in India and Europe need to foster social integration

Author: Sonya Misquitta, Afaqs

The issues facing Europe at this point in its history mirror the issues that India has and continues to face. Intolerance is rising...Here are five lessons on what marketers can do better...Amid rising polarisation in society, brands need to promote...

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