Father and daugther Johannesburg South Africa - photo by Willem Viljoen

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8 December 2017

Brexit: Businesses speak out for rights of EU & UK citizens, incl. social rights

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1 May 2017

In India, a Vicks Commercial Sparks Debate and Tears Over Transgender Rights

Author: Leon Kaye, Triple Pundit

In a country as diverse as India, one would think that showcasing a human rights issue could land a company in a social media minefield. But Vicks scored praise for its touching story of a transgender mother and the child she raised as her own.....

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24 April 2017

India: Procter & Gamble's ad raises awareness of issues transgender women face


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17 April 2017

China: Starbucks to offer health insurance to employees' parents in the country

Author: Jena McGregor, Washington Post (USA)

" In China, Starbucks is offering health insurance to a surprising group of people", 11 Apr 2017...

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12 December 2016

Australia: Construction industry is increasingly gender-segregated, report finds

Author: Fiona Smith, Guardian (UK)

"Construction industry becoming increasingly gender-segregated, report finds", 12 Dec 2016...

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8 December 2016

USA: Ikea expands parental leave to include fathers, adoptive & foster parents

Author: Adam Shell, USA Today

"Ikea expands parental leave to all U.S. workers", 6 Dec 2016...

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14 November 2016

ILO recommends policies to improve quality of non-standard jobs, in new report

Author: International Labour Organization

"Regulatory reforms are needed to improve the quality of non-standard jobs," 14 Nov 2016...

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23 October 2016

Jordan: Lack of day-care services responsible for gender employment gap

Author: Yacoub Basel Shomali, 7iber (Jordan)

A Case for Daycare Services at the Workplace...

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4 August 2015

Paper recommends ways to enhance protection of socio-economic rights defenders

Author: Lucy Harding, Univ. of York Centre for Applied Human Rights

“Protecting Human Rights, Humanitarian and Development Actors”, 31 Jul 2015...

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24 June 2015

Written statement submitted by Make Mothers Matter

Author: Make Mothers Matter

Make Mothers Matter (MMM) welcomes the opportunity to give input to the discussion on the contents of a future international legally binding instrument to regulate, in international human rights law, the activities of transnational corporations and...

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