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11 November 2018

Kenya: Uber and Taxify allegedly defraud riders, company comments

Author: Annie Njanja, Business Daily (Kenya)

"Uber, Taxify drivers use fake apps to defraud riders" ...

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1 November 2018

USA: Amazon's pay increase will not apply to Flex workers, inc company comments

Author: Olivia Zaleski, Bloomberg

"Amazon Raises Minimum Pay for Everyone—Except These Workers", 1 Nov 2018...

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3 September 2018

How digital banking is causing job losses in east Africa

Author: Allan Olingo, The East African (Kenya)

"Hi, I am Leo, and I can help you: Banks going digital"...

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20 August 2018

UK: Co's likely to squeeze suppliers to cope with rising costs after Brexit, survey finds; raises concerns about vulnerable workers

Author: Michael Savage, The Observer (via The Guardian)

"Workers pay the price as big British companies squeeze their suppliers", 18 August 2018...

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7 August 2018

UK: Deliveroo's employment practices contradict GDPR regulations & undermine workers' rights, says union

Author: Aliya Ram, Financial Times

"Deliveroo’s substitute courier policy called into question", 6 August 2018...

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27 July 2018

UK: Govt. commissioned report calls on Deliveroo to pay living wage; co wants 'charter' offering riders more benefits without risking self-employed status

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23 July 2018

Dutch court rules Deliveroo riders are self-employed; queries labour law


A courier for food delivery firm Deliveroo has lost his case to be treated as a member of staff rather than as self-employed. Judges in Amsterdam said [...] that student Sytse Ferwerda should be considered to be self-employed because the agreement...

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19 July 2018

UK: Deliveroo riders raise concerns over alleged health & safety abuses; co denies allegations

Author: The Times

"Deliveroo accused of breaking employment and safety law", 18 July 2018...

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16 July 2018

Commentary: Govt. strategies on AI fail to adequately address human rights risks

Author: Emre Eren Korkmaz, OpenGlobalRights

"Without binding rules, AI guidelines are just wishful thinking", 27 June 2018...

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9 July 2018

Kenya: Digital taxi drivers protest pricing skewed in favour of companies to their detriment

Author: Rael Ombuor, Voice of America

"Kenya's Digital Taxi Services Paralyzed, Strike Enters 4th Day"...

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