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6 October 2014

India: Health activists concerned about affordability of medicines due to US govt. & business pressure

Author: Brook V Baker, Equlibri

Prime Minister Modi is promising to open India to more direct foreign investment and to further liberalize the Indian economy to make it easier for multinational corporations to operate there. To the dismay of health activists worldwide, the US...

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1 May 2014

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement: NAFTA for the Pacific Rim?

Author: Citizens Trade Campaign

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive new international trade pact being pushed by the U.S. government at the behest of transnational corporations...It is poised to become the largest Free Trade Agreement in the world...Here are some.....

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31 March 2014

Trans-Pacific Partnership Must Safeguard Human Rights

Author: Jared Genser, Perseus Strategies, in The Diplomat

The TPP, potentially the world’s largest free trade agreement,...would harmonize regulatory standards, including those related to the environment, labor, and intellectual property. As the 12 negotiating countries...discuss the agreement, it is crucial...

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25 March 2014

Novartis lawsuit (re India patent law & access to medicine)

Worldwide, Novartis is the main producer of Glivec, a drug used for treating blood cancer.  The company has sought a patent that would give it the exclusive right to produce Glivec, stopping production by the generic drugs industry in India.  ...

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6 February 2014

Indigenous Panel At WIPO Asks For International Instrument Compliant With Recognised Rights

Author: Maëli Astruc, Intellectual Property Watch

A panel addressing the World Intellectual Property Organization asserted the property rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities over traditional knowledge and genetic resources and called on delegates to draft an international...

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31 January 2014

International law and ecological debt

Author: Antoni Pigrau, Susana Borràs, Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann, Jordi Jaria i Manzano (CEDAT-Universitat Rovira i Virgili), EJOLT (Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade)

Under the paradigm of sustainable development, contemporary international law has not been able to shape an effective, nor an equitable, answer to the global ecological crisis...[C]orrection will require a profound reconceptualisation of global...

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17 January 2014

South African pharma firms accused of planning to delay patents law reform

Author: Sarah Boseley, Guardian (UK)

Drug companies in South Africa have been accused of planning a covert, well-funded campaign to delay the introduction of laws that threaten their profits. Leaked documents show that pharmaceutical companies planned a $450,000 campaign, involving a high...

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12 December 2013

Investors Praise Bristol Myers Squibb for Boosting Access to Life-Saving AIDS Drugs Via Medicines Patent Pool

Author: Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (USA)

Licensing agreement reached for generic production of...Atazanavir shows leadership and innovation in delivering HIV/AIDS medicines where they are most needed. Members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) today applaud Bristol...

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28 August 2013
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Author: Conectas Direitos Humanos

No dia 29/08 o Senado [brasileiro] submeteu à sabatina o embaixador Marcos Bezerra Abbott, indicado para representar o Brasil na OMC (Organização Mundial do Comércio)... na Suíça. No processo, senadores fazem perguntas ao indicado antes de aprová-lo ou...

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2 July 2013

[PDF] Confidence Crisis in Human Rights: Implications for the UK - Intensive Course on Challenges Faced by the International Human Rights Regime

Author: Middlesex University (UK)

The objective of this course is to provide participants with an understanding of the legal basis underpinning the creation of human rights standards and organs through the prism of topics considered a priority on the international human rights agenda...

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